Fans Bill Of Rights

Your Rights Start Here

Our first order of business: approve the Fans’ Bill of Rights. To this end, you will find our initial draft as determined by a consensus of our founders. We encourage you to read the document and vote “yes” in order to adopt it in its original form.

As was the case with the drafting of the U.S. Constitution, we are open to amendments and will provide you with that capability. Whether you vote to adopt the Fans’ Bill of Rights or not, you’ll have the opportunity to offer amendments with your account. Those amendments will be discussed at the chapter level and, if supported by a majority of the local chapter members, the chapter’s Mayor will advance the proposal to the Sports Policy Institute for discussion.

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We the Fans of professional, collegiate, and amateur sports, in order to form a more perfect fan experience, establish a reasonable level of fan representation in sports-related decisions, promote fan fairness, and secure a reasonable balance between fan and non-fan interests, do hereby ordain and establish this Fans’ Bill of Rights.

  1. We do herein proclaim the fans’ ownership of both the national and local sports markets and thereby reserve the right to make collective, fan-based decisions in the best interest of our members.
  2. We do herein proclaim the fans’ right to require full transparency by the owners, managers, and other team operators who seek to profit by operating in fans’ markets. Such transparency will require full annual disclosure of net income, a statement of financial condition, and related performance metrics.
  3. We do herein claim the fans right to fair and equitable pricing. As such, we reserve the right to challenge excess profitability.
  4. We do herein reserve the fans right to evaluate all team relocations, expansions, conference affiliations and other competition based matters.
  5. We herein reserve the right to ensure competitive viewership across all media venues. Viewing restrictions (ie blackouts) are subject to fair and equitable pricing through such competition.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all fans are endowed with certain unalienable Rights and that among these are the unrestricted enjoyment of sports.

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