The Fan's Demand

The Million Fan Demand for a NCAA Football Championship

We the fans of NCAA Football do hereby petition the NCAA to immediately and forthwith move to establish a Division I Playoff format that better reflects the competitive nature of the respective teams and the passionate desire of fans to enjoy a single-elimination tournament. This parallels the highly successful “March Madness” program.

Our Proposed Championship Format:

  • Twelve teams, as determined by current NCAA rankings, will be eligible for the tournament.
  • The Top Four teams will receive a bye in week 1 competition
  • Teams 5-12 will play a single elimination Round 1 game over the first weekend (5 v 12, 6 v 11, 7 v 10, 8 v 9).
  • Four Round 1 winners will advance to Round 2 over the second weekend. They will play, in ranked order, the four teams who received a week -one bye.
  • Four Round 2 winners will advance to Round 3 over the third weekend.
  • Two Round 3 winners will advance to the Finals over the fourth weekend. A “True Champion” will be crowned.

In the course of this tournament there will be a maximum of 11 aggregate games. Since all twelve of these teams will have likely been playing in a bowl game anyway, the actual increase in the number of games for a team advancing all the way to the Championship is minimal.

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